Enjoy the Jewel of Spanish Gastronomy

Recognized as one of the 4 aces of global gastronomy along with caviar, foie-gras and truffles, FERMIN Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham is an authentic treasure from Spain. FERMIN is also distinguished as being the first Spanish Producer of Iberico meats to gain approval from the USDA.

Acorn-Fed Iberico

The king of the Ibericos

FERMIN acorn-fed, free range ham comes from 100% IBERICO pigs. During the Acorn season (from September to February) known as Montanera, these animals double their weight on a diet based of acorns and grass. They go from 200 to 400 pounds!

Grain-Fed Iberico


Our Grain-fed free range Iberico is 100% Ibérico, fed on grains, grasses and all that nature provides. Also known as the “Kobe beef of pork” because of its intense marbling, flavors and uniqueness, the FERMIN Iberico ham is the first authentic Iberico to enter the US market. Cured for a minimum of 36 months, this Iberico ham…melts in your mouth

Grain-fed 50% Iberico

We cross a 100% Iberico pig with a 100% Duroc pig, and the result is phenomenal: An affordably produced, lower fat content product that maintains its characteristic visual fat marbling.

Serrano products

The first authentic Spanish Serrano to enter the US market is made from pigs bred, raised and processed entirely in Spain. This means a higher quality animal with a longer curing process, giving the taste unique complexity and texture.